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     When searching for all Part Alphabetic Model Nos. ie: R2225 - SLE98  there should be NO space between the 'R' and the first figure '2' or NO space between SL & E and the number '98', this is important when searching,  it is advantageous to enter the Number as 'R2225' NOT 'R 2225' - 'SLE98' NOT 'SL E98 or SLE 98'

    For other
Part No's - completely numeric - ie : '32-175' enter as '32175' NOT '32 175 or 32-175', or when searching for  Diesel Classes use 'Cl 08 or Cl 37' etc this will speed up the search & reduce the volume of similar date presented.

    Entry into the Search Box of just a Number ie : '
2225' instead of 'R2225/R 2225' will find the item required - but it is likely to 'drag' down with it similar Model No's containing parts of the enquiry number - can be used as a last resort.

   Often it is useful to enter just an alpha description to find
specific range or item  ie:  ' Overton '/ ' Norfolk '/  ' Ayrshire Yeomanry '/  ' Arsenal / '   Royal Mail '/  ' 7 Plank ' /  ' Brake Van '  etc.

   'No Product Found' will sometimes appear after a search, this does not necessarily mean that the item is not contained in the site, but for various reasons from the variety of search engines it has been unable to locate a table containing the model.  Should this happen try using an Alphabetic Format, ie: :  ''City of Edinburgh', 'Dunster Castle', 'LMS Corridor Compo', 'N Class', '45xx', '5MT 'or 'St Michaels' "  etc: this will, usually, take you to the table containing the item.

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