The company was formed over 40 years ago with certain principles in mind:
  • To provide an efficient and reliable mail order operation.
  • To provide a service staffed by people who had knowledge of - railway operations, railway history and wide experience in the construction of model railway layouts and their operation.
  • To staff the company with people who had experience of the necessary sytems and their operation to achieve the efficiency required for a reliable and trustworthy mail order function.

These objects were achieved in the first year of operation and the Company has gained a world wide reputation for the reliability and accuracy of the Mail Order service and the operation of it's systems - particularly in the Advanced Orders and Back Order Routines.

On Advanced Orders Credit Cards or Cheques are NOT presented until the items required have been RECEIVED from the Manufacturers. 

The Company was probably the first, in it's specialised field, to introduce the use of Computers to the production of the HMR Catalogue, which has gained such a high reputation in the Railway Modelling world for the ease of location and accuracy of the products listed.  In addition to this application of IT it was also the first, in the UK, to offer Clients a copy of this catalogue in CD ROM form.  Both of these formats are currently available.

Our Company is still only staffed with people who meet the requirements of Paragraphs 2 & 3 above, should you have any matters you wish to raise, regarding Model Railways, please do NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT US, this may be done by Telephoning on 01792 (Int 0044 1792) 232264 or by E Mail on   Telephone would be preferred, as we all feel that a more realistic understanding of an enquiry is made with voice contact rather than cold print-outs.

We trust that you will find our Site informative, simple and efficient to operate.

Thank you, Again, for Visiting the Site and we look forward to being of assistance to you.

P. J. Bramley      -     Chairman 


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